Housing association

Innovative fire alarm monitoring for compliance and safety


We know that keeping up with the demanding and ever-changing regulations faced by housing associations can be tough. With fire safety a significant priority, it is more important than ever to have an system which provides all the information you need in a simple and easy to access format


  • ‘Source of truth’ to show testing has been carried out and on which devices
  • All information is recorded and stored on a secure cloud-based log
  • Create customised reports and get them emailed to you weekly

Nimbus communicates all activity to a cloud-hosted database where authorised users can access information at any time via any desktop or mobile internet connection. The non-editable, digital collection of data provides a ‘source of truth’ of testing and servicing to BS5839 standards for use in audits and management reports.

Use the data provided by Nimbus to create reports which can be automated and emailed to you on a schedule, or simple dive into the information on as and when you need it. The logging is continuous and infinite meaning you can access both real time and historical data on our secure database.


  • Monitor all sites from one location using one system
  • No need for admin intensive paper-based tracking systems
  • Create schedules for weekly testing and servicing to eliminate missed or duplicated devices

Compatible with most addressable panels, Nimbus gives a one-system solution to multiple properties and buildings. The information provided by Nimbus doesn’t just alert users to an alarm or fault, it will pinpoint the exact device and location of the issue, allowing the person on-site to attend promptly causing minimal disruption to residents in the building.

Using the Weekly Test App, you’ll know which devices are due to be tested each week and organise actions or prompts such as calling the Alarm Receiving Centre. When the test takes place, Nimbus automatically updates with a pass or fail as and if a device fails, notes can be added along with additional information if needed.


  • Real-time notifications for fire alarms and faults direct to your mobile phone
  • Log false alarm causes, identify patterns and repeat issues
  • Reduce false alarm callouts

When a fire alarm activates, you’ll know about it immediately with Nimbus. Choose to receive notifications direct to your mobile phone and via email too. The first on scene updates the event with an outcome which can be seen by all users and cause.

If a second device or manual call point is activated in quick succession, the confirmed fire event is triggered which allows for the necessary response. This feature has been used by some housing providers alongside the Fire and Rescue Service to reduce false-alarm call outs.

Using the portal, all fire alarm activity is easily visible and can be filtered, sorted and exported for analysis. This allows patterns of activity such as repeat false alarms to be identified and any necessary corrective education to take place, for example advising tenants about cooking fumes.

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