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Control And Monitoring, Wherever You Are
Nimbus cloud-based fire alarm management technology allows you to fully control your entire fire alarm portfolio, regardless of fire alarm type or manufacturer. Nimbus communicates all activity to a cloud-hosted database where authorised users can access information at any time via any desktop or mobile internet connection.
An innovative fire alarm management system that provides you with control and monitoring wherever you are. All activity is communicated to a cloud hosted database which can be easily accessed through any desktop or mobile internet connection.

Nimbus Engineer is an Android application that works with Nimbus and Nimbus Mobile, recording the engineers’ notes whilst testing. Nimbus Engineer data is communicated to Nimbus and all activity, comments, photographs and bar codes are recorded against each device within the current Nimbus service period. Tests are automatically recorded with no manual intervention, guaranteeing a record of exactly what happened.

  • Single engineer testing - a perfect service tool for fire alarm service engineers
  • Receive confirmation as tests are performed
  • Schedules which devices in which service period to test
  • Record and log – Pass/Fail with Comments, Photographs & BarCodes
  • Optimise rectification and upgrade work.

Test records are logged with the engineers’ comments within Nimbus.

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Nimbus Notify is an Android and iPhone application that delivers Nimbus fire alarm event notifications. Utilising push notification allows a smartphone to receive and display Nimbus events even when the smartphone screen is locked and the application closed.

Nimbus Notify is totally configurable with repeat alerts until cleared, selectable sounds and the ability for a user to feedback the cause of the event. Nimbus Notify is also ideal for recording false and or unwanted alarms.

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Control Room Monitor is a remote alarm monitoring and control application to receive, display and log events from Nimbus connected systems including Fire Alarms, CCTV, SNMP (I.T. equipment), Intruder and Digital Inputs.

Alarms & Events are monitored remotely and presented to the operator in scales of priority. CRM events can be customised to present the operator with site specific and operational instructions.

Control Room Monitor is embedded within the PC operating system ensuring secure and continuous operation.

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Nimbus Weekly Test is an android application that notifies a user of a pending ‘fire alarm weekly test’ with specific instructions of which Manual Call Points (MCP’s) should be tested.

The user receives confirmation as tests are performed and the results are logged to the Nimbus Weekly Test log. The user may add photographs or comments to supplement the testing data.

A Nimbus administrator can configure when the weekly test is carried out and how many MCP’s to test. User defined pre and post test tasks can also be configured and delivered to the user such as ‘contact the ARC to inform that a test is to be carried out’ prior to testing and then ‘contact the ARC to verify that a test was received’ when tests are complete.

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Locked Smart Phone with Preloaded Nimbus Apps Nimbus Smart Phone provides the 3 Nimbus Applications: Nimbus Notify, Nimbus Engineer & Nimbus Weekly Test, all preloaded and secured on an easy to use platform.

  • Schedule, Automate and Log Weekly Tests
  • Receive Notifications
  • Maximise engineer performance

Optimise your fire alarm log, improve fire alarm servicing and promote good fire alarm practice with a convenient ready to use Nimbus Smart Phone.

Nimbus Smart Phone connects to Nimbus via a building Wi-Fi zone or an optional data enabled SIM. Nimbus Smart Phone incorporates the LAN Control Systems custom Launcher which secures the phone and prevents users from running up data usage on external applications.

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